HANDS of FAVOR at Evergreen Inn, May 2, 2017

Evergreen Inn is part of Kensington Senior Living Communities. The Evergreen Inn is a warm and loving assisted living community in the heart of downtown Vancouver, offering person-centered service and engaging programs for all ages. Their Mission is to promote healthy aging in mind, body and spirit. Learn more… 1 2 3 Tap any photo […]

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After haircut at Share House 2017-04-24

HANDS of FAVOR at Share House, April 24, 2017

Share provides a spectrum of services—from shelters for individuals and families who experience homelessness and a Hot Meals program that provides free meals to the public to an Individual Development Accounts savings program to buy a home, car or pursue education or Lincoln Place, a 30-unit permanent supportive housing apartment complex. 1 2 3 Tap […]

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