Our "new" van, side view, donated by Franz Bakery

Large Step Van Donated by Franz Bakery!

We are excited and grateful to announce that Franz Bakery has donated a Freight Liner step van with 17-ft cargo area—just perfect for our new Mobile Salon. Their Fleet Manager, Tom Moreno, carefully selected a van from their fleet for us. They removed all the bread racks, cleaned it up, and touched up the outside paint. It's white and clean and looks just like the van Darrell sketched for our video! Thank you to Franz Bakery!

Now our task is to convert the van to a Mobile Salon. Help us convert the van to an accessible mobile salon with 4-5 stations and a shampoo sink, to help us help more people over a larger area. Thank you!

  • Front view of the van donated by Franz Bakery
    Front view of the van donated by Franz Bakery
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